Antonio Miguel Nogués Pedregal

El investigador de CULTURDES Dr. Antonio Miguel Nogués participa en la Escuela de Verano “Studies of Migration and Mobility in Europe” (MOBILE) organizado en el marco del Erasmus Intensive Programmes – uno de los Lifelong Learning Programmes (LLP) – y el apoyo de la Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji (FRSE), Polonia, y que se celebra en Sopot (Polonia) del 12 al 25 de agosto de 2012.The research members of CULTURDES, professor Dr. Antonio Miguel Nogués, is a staff member of the 2nd edition of the Summer School «Studies of Migration and Mobility in Europe» (MOBILE) organized within the framework of Erasmus Intensive Programmes – one of the Lifelong Learning Programmes (LLP) – and with the support of Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji (FRSE), Poland, to be held in Sopot (Poland) from 12 through 25 of August of 2012.

The summer school „Studies of Migration and Mobility in Europe» (MOBILE) will be bringing together students and researchers from ten European universities (see MOBILE Partners) representing several academic disciplines. We will spend two weeks on discussions of the various aspects of travelling: migration, diaspora, tourism, transnationalism etc. and on transcending disciplinary boundaries. We will be debating routes and roots – as James Clifford (1997) had put it – of contemporary mobile populations from the perspectives of sociology and discourse analysis, anthropology and tourism studies, demography and economics. We will put the newest concepts such as motility, transience and hyper-diversity under meticulous scrutiny. We will also be discussing what are the most efficient ways of studying mobilities.